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A table of revision topics and supplementary notes on OCR B063; ICT in Context.

Will upload seperate documents on Digital Divide, e-Commerce and Cloud Computing.

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What is it? Effects on Shop Effects on Customers/Users
Cloud Computing: No need for a central server files It is elastic a user can have as much or
Cloud computing is a general can be accessed from any branch as little of a service as they want at any
term for anything that involves of a chain. given time and the service is fully
delivering hosted services over the managed by the provider (the consumer
Internet. needs nothing but a personal computer
and Internet access).
LOB Applications: Makes purchasing processes Makes purchasing processes slicker and
An LOB (lineofbusiness) slicker and more integrated. more integrated.
application is one of the set of Cuts down on paperwork.
critical computer applications that Allows for central storage of
are vital to running an enterprise, transaction data, etc.
such as accounting, supply chain
management, and resource
planning applications. LOB
applications are usually large
programs that contain a number
of integrated capabilities and tie
into databases and database
management systems.
Kiosks: Increases customer interest. Can Allows a sense of independency.
A kiosk is a ruggedized be a substitute for an actual Distracts the kids while Mum's busy
terminal that allows the member of staff, saves on wage shopping.
customers to interact with the
shop, as it were.
From the terminal, they can
browse stock, place enquiries
and redeem vouchers.
Wireless technology and Stock is money: it costs. It is vital None.
hand held devices to to know how much stock is held
monitor stock: and its value.
An inventory control system uses
barcode technology to automate
the tracking of merchandise.
Visual merchandising: More sales and increased interest. Customers don't really have an idea that
The activity and profession of Recommend, highlight and it is occurring, but if they do, they may
developing floor plans and demonstrate particular products at feel like livestock or lab animals, being
threedimensional displays in strategic locations. monitored and used for research
order to maximise sales. Footage from cameras is used to purposes.
work out the best way to arrange
the shop to maximise sales.
Gesturebased interactive Really expensive to set up, but will Allows customers to interact with the
store front displays and draw customers. shop more, and will give a better
MagicMirror. Can be used in conjunction with shopping experience, so they are more
loyalty cards to narrow down a likely to return.
These devices enrich the
customer's interests/taste in
customer experience and clothes, etc and hence recommend
make them more likely to certain products.
enter the store and buy the
products. Digital mirrors
remove some of the need for

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trying things on (you still need
to get the size right) as
customers can move rapidly
from one garment to another
and choose one they like.
Gesture based displays seem
more like a gimmick but they
allow customers to control
and engage with a display
rather than walking past a line
of mannequins.…read more

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employing IT systems such
as supply chain management
software and qualified staff to
handle these transactions.
Supply chain management
and deliveries to customers
may be kept inhouse or
passed to external agents.
Social Media Setup of a fan page/Twitter feed/etc Allows followers/fans/etc to stay
Social media are allows the store to interact with the uptodate with the latest goingson and
internetbased platforms that customers and give out offers in relation to the store.
information/promotions/etc.…read more


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