Topic 4- Home Business

Topic 4- Home Business

Topic 4- Home Business

Online shopping and searching for products on websites

  • Many people searchfor and order services and products using the internet
  • Online stores have database of their good and services that you can access
  • You can browse or search for a specific thing

Online Shopping

  • Purchasing goods and services using the Internet
  • Customers browse online catalogues
  • They go to checkout


  • There are no opening hours
  • The goods are delivered to your home this is ideal for people who are house bound
  • Worldwide market place
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Topic 4- Home Business


  • Shoppers may be worried about entering their credit/debit card details
  • Harder to assess the quality of the goods before ordering
  • Loss of the social pleasure of going shopping
  • Sometimes more hassle when returning goods
  • Lack of personal services
  • Hidden cost of postage and packing

Advantages of online shopping to stores

  • Can sell goods 24/7
  • No expensively fitted out high street stores to pay for
  • Less shoplifting
  • Cheaper to keep in contact with customers as you can email them
  • Can site warehouse anywher where rental is cheap
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Topic 4- Home and Business

Disadvantages for online shopping to store

  • Specialist ICT knowledge is neesed to set up the sites
  • Unemployment
  • Business lost abroad if their goods are cheaper
  • Networks can fail and this means customers cannot access the site
  • Danger of hackers accessing your banking details
  • Postages charges can put people off
  • Not everyonehas access to the Internet so you would lose some customers

Online booking services

  • They can get impartial reports from others about resorts and hotels
  • They can also book car rental

Advantages of booking online

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Topic 4- Home Business

  • Book from the comfort of your home
  • More time to look for holidays than when at a travel agent
  • Make savings when booking direct beause no travel agency commission to pay
  • Read reports of people who have been on the same holiday that you intend to book
  • Find out about the resort before you go

Disadvantages of booking online

  • You have to enter credit card details and these may not be kept safe
  • There is no personal service like at a high street travel agency
  • You could easily enter the wrong information and book the wrong flights

Booking using interacitve digital TV

New interactive digital TV services allow booking to made for:

  • Holidays
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Topic 4- Home Business

  • Flight
  • Cars
  • Theatrre and concert tickets
  • Cinema tickets

Verification of bookings

  • You are responsible for entering booking details
  • You need to carefully verify data entered
  • This is done by a visual check (i.e. proof reading)

What needs to be verified:

  • Dates of travel
  • Names
  • Dates
  • Addesses
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