Effect Of ICT On Society

These are ICT notes from my teacher. GOD BLESS HER!! Thanks to her i might have passed ICT!!

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Effect of ICT on Society
ICT affects just about every aspect of our lives and there will be questions about this on the exams. They will
probably be "discuss" type questions.
Investigate the effects of ICT on our lives using your text book & the internet. Also remember you already know a lot
about the effect of ICT on your life because you use it everyday - does your house have a computer controlled
central heating system, do you watch multi-channel digital TV, do you download music, do you use a mobile phone,
do you travel through computer controlled traffic lights, do you have an id card to open doors at school, does the
supermarket assistant scan your shopping with a barcode reader?
Topics that are regularly asked about in exams are how ICT affects:
People with disabilities
Leisure time
Health services (doctors, hospitals etc)
Most exam papers also have questions about the laws relating to computer use:
Computer Misuse Act
Data Protection Act
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act
Health and Safety
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) Aircraft designers use computer models. Give three different reasons why computer models are used in the
development of new aircraft. [3]
2) A family has a computer. Give two different benefits to the family of connecting this computer to the Internet.
3) You use your computer to send an e-mail message to a company in New York.
(a) Describe how an e-mail is transmitted to New York after it has left your computer. [4]
(b) Discuss the advantages of using e-mail over letter post. [4]
4) Describe how the increased use of credit cards has affected shopping. [3]
5) A school student is downloading information for use in a project. Discuss the issues relating to information found
on the Internet. [7]
6) A family is considering using their computer to shop over the Internet. Describe two problems the family may
have shopping this way. [2]
7) A bank issues a bankcard with a magnetic stripe to a customer. Give two different applications, other than
bankcards, where magnetic stripes are used. [2]
8) Traditionally businesses have used letter post to communicate. Describe two other ways businesses now
communicate due to the introduction of ICT. [4]
9) A hacker illegally accesses a hospital computer. Describe three different ways in which the hacker could cause
damage and for each explain the possible consequences. [6]
10) A member of a company is to use a multimedia presentation to illustrate a talk being given to the company
directors. Explain what features of presentation software could improve the presentation. [4]
11) "Developments in ICT have allowed people with a range of disabilities to take up work." Discuss this statement.
12) Give two jobs that have been created by the increased use of computers. [2]
13) Supermarkets use computers.
a) Give 2 devices that can be used to enter food prices into the point-of-sale (POS) terminals. [2]
b) Brian works in the office using computers for long periods of time. He suffers from Repetitive Strain Injury
(RSI) and back pain. Suggest two ways of reducing these problems. [2]
14) Sophia is carrying out research for a project. She has access to:

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An encyclopedia on CD-ROM
b) The Internet
c) Books
Describe different advantages to her of each of these sources. [6]
15) A company is transferring its customer support and administration centre to another country.
a) How have developments in ICT made this possible? [3]
b) Discuss the implications of the transfer to the company, its employees & its customers. [6]
16) A company wants to send personalised letters with information about its latest products to all its customers.…read more

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Increased use of ICT by businesses and government agencies represents a threat to people's privacy.' Discuss
this statement. [6]
33) A history teacher is writing a book on the history of the school. She is using her school computer & her home
computer to write the book. She spends many hours at a computer &, as a result, has some health problems.
State one possible problem & explain how this problem might be reduced.…read more


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