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Effect of ICT on Society

ICT affects just about every aspect of our lives and there will be questions about this on the exams. They will
probably be "discuss" type questions.

Investigate the effects of ICT on our lives using your text book & the internet. Also remember you already…

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a) An encyclopedia on CD-ROM
b) The Internet
c) Books
Describe different advantages to her of each of these sources. [6]
15) A company is transferring its customer support and administration centre to another country.
a) How have developments in ICT made this possible? [3]
b) Discuss the implications of…

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32) `Increased use of ICT by businesses and government agencies represents a threat to people's privacy.' Discuss
this statement. [6]
33) A history teacher is writing a book on the history of the school. She is using her school computer & her home
computer to write the book. She spends…


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