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Topic 13
Understanding browser software,
searches and interactive features…read more

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Web browser software
·This is a program that allows access to
webpages stored on the internet.
·It allows a user to find information on websites
and webpages quickly. They do this making
use of:
·Key Word searches
·Menus…read more

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URL (Uniform resource locator) ­ this is
basically a web address.
·Keyword Searches ­ simply type word into
search box
·Links ­ Called hyperlinks and by clicking on
them the user can move to a different webpage
or part of the site.
·Menu's ­ Offer the user a series of options
these can be images or text.…read more

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Search for and on webpages
Search engines such as google and yahoo
Results are displayed on basis of relevance
or who has paid the most money to get the
top results…read more

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Making comparisons of
House Style ­ Websites need to convey
an image that reflects the organisation, it
also needs to fit with business cards,
letters, brochures
Audience ­ Know who the audience you
are targeting and pick a nagivation to suit
Size ­ number of pages on the website…read more

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Interactive features…read more

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