Timeline of War


Mid 1941

German Army were well prepared for war with Russia

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June 1941

Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa- 'Operation Red Beard'

An attack on the Soviet Union, focusing on Moscow and Stalingrad

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September 1941

Operation Typoon launched to capture Moscow.

People panicked with rioting and looting breaking out.

Law and order broke down, government buildings deserted. 

Rumoured that Stalin was in enemy hands

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December 1941

General Zhukov launched the first Russian counter-attack

Successfully pushing Germans back 200 kilometres away from Moscow's centre

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June 1942

Hitler launched Operation Blue, aiming to capture the city of Stalingrad

Believed by overturning, it would deprive Russianwar effortof a vital industrial base

But also had propaganda benefits as it bore the name of Stalin

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August 1942

Six-month battle of Stalingrad, bloodiest in human history

Life expectancy of a Russian solider was 24 hours

Officers around 3 days

Over 1.9 million died in the seige, still Russia resisted

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September 1942

Soviet counter-offensive, Operation Uranus

Defence of Stalingrad cost 1.1 million Red Army lives, and 800,000 German troops

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February 1943

Germans driven from Stalingrad

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December 1943

2/3 of German- occupied territory had been re-captured

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Early 1944

Soviet propaganda proclaimed 'Ten Great Victories' including recapturing Crimea, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia

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January 1944

Red Army entered German territory, Russian soliders sought revenge for Nazi invasion 

Several accounts talk of **** and murder by the advancing Red Army on the first Germans they encountered

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April 1945

4,000 Red Army tanks,

23,000 pieces of artillary &

4,000 aeroplanes reached the outskirts of Berlin

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May 1945

Germany surrendered to western allies and the USSR 

In homeage, Stalin ordered Georgian soilder should be given honour of planting the Red flag on top of the German Parliament building

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