Appeasement Timeline



January 18

Peace conference opens in Versailles. The main points are negotiated between David Lloyd George (Great Britain), Georges Clemenceau (France) and Woodrow Wilson (USA).


April 29

The constitution of the League of Nations is accepted at the Parisienne peace conference and will be included into the peace treaties as Article 1-26.



January 30

Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of the German Reich



1933 October

Germany leaves the League of Nations



1935 March 16

Germany denounces any arms restrictions of the Versailles treaty and introduces the enlistment.


April 17

The League of Nations condemns the German violation of the Versailles treaty. No action is taken



March 7

German troops enter the Rhineland. The western




theres a huge chunk of appeasement policies missing from 1919 to 1933. e.g. Locarno 1925, Dawes plan, the hoare-laval pact

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