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1560: Treaty of Edinburgh
Amy Rosbart found dead
1561: Mary Stuart returns to Scotland
1562: Elizabeth almost dies of smallpox
1665: MQoS marries Lord Darnley
1566: Rizzio murdered
1567: Darnley murdered
MQoS marries Earl of Bothwell. Forced to abdicate the Scottish Throne.
1568: MQoS is forced to flee to England
1569: Rebellion of the Northern Earls
1570: Elizabeth is excommunicated
1571: Marriage negotiations between Elizabeth and the Duke of Anjou
Cecil made Lord Burghley
Ridolfi Plot
1573: Drake captures Spanish silver
1577: English and Netherlands sign an alliance
1581: Legislation against Catholics who hear mass
Marriage treaty with Anjou
1583: John Somerville tries to kill Elizabeth
Throgmorton Plot
1584: William of Orange murdered
England sends aid to the Netherlands
1586: Babbington Plot
Treaty of Berwick signed
MQoS convicted for involvement of Babbington Plot
1587: MQoS executed
War with Spain
1588: Armada
Robert Dudley dies
1593: Penalties are made for those who don't go to C of E service and instead go to
1596: Capture Spanish Cadiz
1597: Irish Rebellion
Spain sends second Armada
1599: Earl of Essex signs an unauthorized treaty with the Earl of Tyrone
1601: Earl of Essex's failed rebellion over factions
Earl of Essex executed
1603: Elizabeth dies of Blood Poisoning


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