The Truman Doctrine & Marshall Aid 1947

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The Truman Doctrine & Marshall Aid 1947

The Truman Doctrine

  • Stated that US was prepaired to send money, equipment and advice to countries that were 'under thret' of Communist Take-over
  • Called 'Containment'
  • if nessisary expantion would be met with military force

Marshall Aid

  • Truman thought: poverty in countries -> the more communism = good idea
  • $17 billion to suffering European countries
  • to show what Capitalism can do
  • After Czecholslavakia Americans said yes
  • Motivation: Kindness & self-interest 
    • creating new American Market
    • stoping a worldwide slum (1930s in US)
  • USSR regarded Marshall Aid with suspition:
    • He refused to let any country part of the soviet union apply for it
    • in fear that it's 'anit-communism' would take hold
    • thought US wanted people to be dependant on US dollars
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The Berlin Blockade 1948 & NATO 1949

  • The Berlin Blockade 
    • The USSR closed all land transportation to West Berlin (Light of Capitalism- behind the iron curtain) and shut down electricity plants- starving and freezing people in Wst Berlin
    • Soviets said: there are problems with the roads, and there wasn't enough coal
    • Perpose: to try and shove US out
    • US response: sending an airplane of goods every three minutes for 10 months
    • USSR coun't fire planes down = act of war
    • US was stubborn and wouldn't give up their stance.
  • NATO
    • Western powers during the blockaid sighned a treaty April 1949 (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
  • Both of these events can be argued for the 'begining' of the cold war
  • The end of the Big Three Aliance
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