The sending out of the Twelve


The sending out of the Twelve

Explain what is shown about the nature of discipleship in the sending out of the Twelve.

  • The nature of discipleship is one of service to others, instead of being a spectator of Jesus’ word; they have to put it into action. “They drove out many demons and rubbed oil on many sick people and healed them”.  
  • Disciples must be able to live without their normal comforts and try to move away from materialism and instead they must look after each other “don’t take anything with you… money in your pockets…..don’t carry an extra shirt”. Disciples must rely on the hospitality of the people they meet, disciples shouldn’t have to worry about earning money, and by preaching generosity should be enough for them to “earn a living”.
  • Disciples must be able to face failure and disappointments and if people “do not listen to you, leave it and shake the dust off your feet”. Even if they fail to convert people the Disciples shouldn’t force their belief on them.
  • Disciples should work against evil-. Jesus gave them “authotity over the evil spirits”. And “They drove out many demons”. With faith the disciples have the power to heal.
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The sending out of the Twelve

Explain how the nature of discipleship shown in the sending out of the Twelve affects ideas about Christian living today.

  • Today’s disciples also need to be focused, ready to go wherever God leads, unencumbered by loads of possessions. “Don’t take anything with you”. Disciples should learn to move away from materialism, “no money in your pockets. This could be a problem for Christians as we live in a very materialistic society, and so Christians could find it hard to leave possessions.
  • Disciples today should go out and preach to sinners and try and make them turn from sin “so they went and preached that people should turn away from their sins.
  • It is also relevant for Christians today with issues of conversion. Disciples today shouldn’t try and force their religious beliefs on other people, as this could lead to more difficulty. Disciples should be able to accept defeat “shake the dust off your feet”.
  • Many Christians today go out into the world to spread the news of the kingdom of God in much the same way as the 12 disciples. Christians must follow the examples of the disciples. People who do this are missionaries. Missionaries go out and preach the word of God to people. There are a number of Christian organizations which carry on the work of the disciples in the world today. These include Tear Fund, Christian Aid, TROCAIRE, CAFOD, and various missionary societies.

Christians today, like the Disciples should try and serve those who are need, like the disciples. Who “rubbed oil on many sick people and healed them”.

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The sending out of the Twelve

Describe the story :-

Jesus told the 12 disciples to go out and preach to the people in twos.  He gave them authority over the evil spirits and told them to only take with them; “a walking stick- no bread, no beggar’s bag, no money in your pockets.  Wear sandals, but don’t carry an extra shirt.”  He also said that   in the towns where they were welcome, they should stay in the same house for the whole visit and, in the towns where they are not welcome; they should leave immediately and shake the sand off their sandals as they leave, as a warning.  So the disciples went out and preached and healed the sick and drove out demons.

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