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Discipleship…read more

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What the syllabus says:
In this topic, candidates should understand how Mark's portrayal of the
disciples (particularly Peter) relates to the Twelve as disciples, leaders and role
models, and assess the influence and function of modern leaders and
celebrities as role models for Christians. They should understand the
significance for Christians living in a materialist and secular world, of Jesus'
teaching on the nature of the Kingdom of God and his expectations of his
disciples. They should also demonstrate awareness of modern examples of
self-sacrifice and service.
­ the Twelve;
­ the kingdom of God and the demands of discipleship;
­ the significance of Jesus' teaching on the kingdom of God;
­ the significance of Jesus' teaching on discipleship for Christians,
including modern examples of self-sacrifice and service;
­ the impact on Christians of attitudes to wealth and possessions in
today's society.…read more

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Set texts:
· The Call of the Disciples ­ Mark 1:16-20
­ Jesus is at Galilee and calls two fishermen, Simon and Andrew. He tells them to follow him
and he will teach them to catch people, and they follow him at once. He also calls two more
fishermen, James and John. They follow him immediately, leaving their father in the boat.
· Parables of the Kingdom ­ Mark 4:3-9, 14-20, 30-32
­ The Parable of the Sower: A man sows grain ­ some falls on the path and is eaten by birds;
some falls on rocky ground and is burned by the sun; some falls among thorns and the plants
is choked; some falls in good soil and bears grain, thirty-, sixty- and one hundred-fold. Jesus
explains that the seeds are God's message, taken by Satan, received but forgotten, stifled
by worldly worries and accepted to bear fruit.
­ The Parable of the Mustard Seed: The Kingdom of God is like the mustard seed, smallest
of all seeds, planted in the ground. It grows and becomes the largest plant ­ even the birds
come to shelter in its shade.
· The Mission of the Twelve ­ Mark 6:7-13
­ Jesus sends the disciples out in pairs with authority. He tells them to only take a walking
stick ­ no bread, no beggar's bag, no money. They should wear sandals but no extra shirt. He
tells them to stay in the same house until they leave a town but if people are not welcoming
to shake the dust from their feet. They preach, drive out demons, anoint and heal many.…read more

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Set texts:
· The Cost of Discipleship ­ Mark 8:34-38
­ Jesus says if anyone wants to go with him they must forget self, pick up their cross and
follow him. They must be prepared to lose their life for the gospel and him, and anyone who
is ashamed of his teaching will be shamed when the Son of Man comes in glory.
· The Rich Man and Wealth ­ Mark 10:17-31
­ A rich young man askes how to receive eternal life. Jesus tells him to follow all the
Commandments. He says he has, so Jesus tells him to sell everything and give the money to
the poor, then follow him. He goes away sad. Jesus says it will be harder for a rich man to
enter the Kingdom of God than for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle. He goes on
to say that all can be saved as nothing is impossible for God, but the first will be last and the
last will be first.
· Teaching on Service ­ Mark 10:42-45
­ Jesus tells the twelve that if they want to be great they must be a servant to all and if they
want to be first they must be a slave because the Son of Man came to serve not be served.
· The Greatest Commandment ­ Mark 12:28-34
­ A teacher of the Law asks Jesus what the most important Commandment is. He replies, `Love
the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength.' The
second is, `Love your neighbour as yourself. The teacher replies wisely and Jesus tells him he
is close to the Kingdom of God.…read more

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Set texts:
· The Widow at the Treasury: Mark 12:41-44
­ Jesus and the twelve watch rich people make big donations to the Temple Treasury and then
a poor widow donates two copper coins. Jesus tells them she has given more because they
gave what they had to spare but she gave all she had.
· Peter's Promise and Denials ­ Mark 14:26-31, 66-72
­ Jesus tells the twelve the shepherd will be killed and the sheep will be scattered, but that
he will go to Galilee before. Peter promises never to leave, but Jesus tells him by the time
the cock crows he will have denied him three times. Peter and the others deny this. Later,
Peter denies it when a woman says he was with Jesus, again when she tells bystanders, and
again later. He swears he is not lying when the cock crows twice and Peter cries.
· The Commission ­ Mark 16:14-18
­ Jesus appeared to the eleven because they were too stubborn to believe he was alive. He
tells them to preach the Gospel around the world to all; that whoever believes and is
baptised will be saved and others will not; that believers can perform miracles, drive out
demons, speak in strange languages, go unharmed and heal others in his name.…read more

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The Twelve
DISCIPLE: A follower of Jesus.
· In the 1st Century it was common that a rabbi (teacher) would
have a close set of men to teach.
· Jesus chose 12 men to be companions, to be sent out to
preach, heal and drive out demons.
· Three of them (Peter, James and John) became especially close
to Jesus and experienced significant moments in his ministry
(e.g. the transfiguration).
· They responded to Jesus' call immediately and without
question. (The Call of the Disciples)…read more

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