Discipleship Marks Gospel

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1.1 - The call of the first disciples

Jesus starts by appointing the first disciples to be his close friends and helpers. He calls them to leave their jobs to travel and work with him. This shows that the nature of discipleship is to follow the master whole-heartedly.

Key Words;

Disciples- Followers of jesus.

Levi- A tax collector who was called to be a disciple.

Sons of Zebedee- The brothers James and John whom jesus called to follow him.

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1.2 - Sending out the Twelve

The sending out of the Twelve shows that disciples should not worry about food, clothes or money. They should rely on those who receive them. They should also preach repentance and heal the sick.

Service- An act of help or assistance.

The Twelve- The twelve selected from the disciples to be Jesus' closest diciples

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1.3 - The true family of Jesus

All who 'do God's will' are members of the true family of Jesus.

True Family- Those who follow the teachings of Jesus

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1.4 - True greatness

True greatness in the Christian faith comes from serving others, because in that way the Christian is serving God. Many Christians find it difficult and demanding to serve.

Self-sacrifice- Putting other people's needs before your own.

True greatness- The teaching of Jesus that service of the others is true greatness.

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1.5 - The rich man

The story of a rich young man suggests that not everyone will be able, or willing, to follow the life of a disciple. The demands are different for different people.

The commandments- The collection of 10 laws given by God.

The eye of the needle- A metaphor used by Jesus to show that wealth makes it difficult to enter the Kingdom of God.

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1.6 - The tenants

Jesus told a parable about the tenants of a vineyard who beat or kill the owner's servants and, finally , his son  when they come to claim the owner's rights. It is an allegory that criticises the Jewish leaders, showing they will oppose God (the owner) and persecute and kill God's servants.

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1.7 - A spirit cast out by Jesus

The disciples failed Jesus and were unable to heal a boy brought to them. Jesus the healed the boy, teaching the disciples to pray for the healing.

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1.8 - The parable of the sower

The sower is an allegory that tells how God's kingdom grows and how different people respond to the message. Jesus' interpretation speaks of the effect on people's faith 'when troubled or persecution comes'.

The kingdom- The rule of God in people's lives.

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1.9 - Jesus, the disciples and service

Jesus taught his diciples that they must serve others to be considered great by God.

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1.10 - Are the disciples really failures?

Jesus took his disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane. He asked his closest three friends, Peter, James and John to support him but they fell asleep - three times. They failed to support him through the crisis, and yet the Christian Church exists today because of their work after Jesus' death.

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1.11 - Peter denies knowing Jesus

Peter followed Jesus to just outside the High Priest's house, but denied knowing Jesus when challenged by a servant girl. He denied it three times, leaving Jesus unsupported.

Peter's Denial- The way Peter said he was not a follower of Jesus after the arrest of Jesus

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