The Road- key quotes pgs 119-202


Quote 1

'Do it quick and hard. Do you understand? Stop crying. Do you understand?' pg 119

> Lack of emotion - short sentences + no emotive language

> no consideration of what the boys wants

> children are rarely seen or associated with guns making it shocking

> McCarthy shows in a world run by canibals emotion is a hindrance

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Quote 2

'In the night he heard hideous shrieks coming from the house and he tried to put his hands over the boy's ears' pg 121

> 'hideous' - emotions creeping in- humans can't completely turn their emotions off

> protective father figure

> shocking imagery

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Quote 3

'And we're carrying the fire' pg 136

> religious motif

> Jesus was known as the light of the world so maybe the son is a reincarnation of him 

> 'fire' = hope and desire to go on

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Quote 4

'Whathe could bear in the waking world he could not by night' pg 137

> contrast to his dreams on pg 139 'rich dreams...'

>in his dreams he has no control

> he wants control over his life and is scared of losing it

> his true emotions show in his dreams

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Quote 5

' Rich dreams now which he loathe to wake from. Things no longer known in the world.' pg 139

> lost hope- 'when your dreams...' pg 202

> shows there was hope and happiness but it is now lost so the book could be seen as a tragedy

> 'rich'- he now is poor, has nothing to live for 

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