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Notes on Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

- `'Since going to the front in April, he had found out so many things, came up against traits like this,
which he could not accept. He had thought, before April, that he knew himself. He was wounded
during the second week…

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Notes on Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

`'I want to go back. For there was nothing for him here''-dislocation
Pg. 16
Major- pre war attitude, arrogant+obsessed with the glamorous nature of war. He's kind of people
Sassoon talk about in Regeneration-they have no idea what real war is about…

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Notes on Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

`'No more of that. He would only get their letters, as faint reminders of some other world. Insttead, he
would be making entirely possible decisions, about maps and marches and the conditions of rifles and
feet, he would be taking simple orders…

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Notes on Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

`' we were running into our own covering fire''- Sarah Boyfriend's link
`'Twp days, of absolute bloody chaos. Bloody pointless mess''
Link to My Boy Jack-Kipling saying why did they order men to do it.
`' Hilliard realized that this was what…

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Notes on Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

`'My youngest brother's in prison''
`'He's a conchy'' ­consciencious objective : Link To Kingsley
`' I nearly was, but then I realised it was nothing to do with conscience, it was just because I was
frightened and wanted t get out of…

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Notes on Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

`' The pilot was still trapped into his seat... the man could not have scrambled out''- horror of war
`'This was the first dead man he had seen since his return from France and there would now only be all
the rest…

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Notes on Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

`'It was as though he had blown up inside''- his emotions ­ memories of war of the man Barton found
`' I suppose he wants to save me from knowing anything before I've absolutely got to''- Hilliard friendship
with Barton, but he is…

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Notes on Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

`'Hilliard wanted to put his hand out and touch him. `'And could not. Sentence by itself-link to Birdsong:
masculinity where tenderness is considered useless.
Pg 93-94
bread and butter stuff
`'If he was more than thirty yards''- Armstrong- like a…

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Notes on Strange Meeting by Susan Hill

Link to Firs Casualty-bath scene
Letter: `'men are too early old and before the date of age''
Barton trying to deal with the randomness of death
`' A bloody silly accident''
`'I love you, John'' Hilliard looked at him. Yes.…


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