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Poem: March Poem: Old Man
Key Theme: Nature Key Theme: Contrast between Youth & Age
Uncertainty of Thomas ­ Constant Qualification Ambiguity and Ambivalence ­ Loss of memory
contrasted with opening Assertiveness ­ Spring coming with Old Age ­ Character given by
tainted by Winter/Negative ­ Spring names/Plain
coming/Positive Link…

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need not listen, more than to my rhymes' `we
cannot other than aspen be'

Poem: This is no petty case Poem: Rain
Key Theme: Patriotism and war Key Theme: Solitude and Depression
Adulterated Patriotism ­ Marred Optimism ­ Monotonous and Persistent ­ Acceptance ­ Begins
Independence ­ Self-respect ­ Propaganda…

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'they cannot choose' 'I must enter and leave
alone' 'It's silence I hear and obey'
'unfathomable deep'




A useful synopsis of a number of poems and their key themes; a great revision tool for the bedroom wall where snippets of information can be digested quickly. Could be used as a starting point for more through analysis by adding quotes and links to the initial information provided.



wow, so awesome and fab!!! thanks so much ***

you know you love me xoxo GG



omg guess who i just saw. looks like little j is on the lookout for some love. Miss sara has her eye on the prize.

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