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Poem: March Poem: Old Man
Key Theme: Nature Key Theme: Contrast between Youth & Age
Uncertainty of Thomas ­ Constant Qualification Ambiguity and Ambivalence ­ Loss of memory
contrasted with opening Assertiveness ­ Spring coming with Old Age ­ Character given by
tainted by Winter/Negative ­ Spring names/Plain
coming/Positive Link with: Aspens, Words, Lights Out
Link with: The Glory, But These things Also Quotes: `half decorate, half perplex' `the herb
Quotes: `primroses' `the might sun wept tears itself I like not, but for certain I love it' `that bitter
of joy' `I knew that Spring would come again' scent' `I have mislaid the key' `only an avenue,
`And to me all was sweet, they could do no dark, nameless, without end' 'always in vain' 'what I
wrong' `half its stars' `was I aware of silence' should, yet never can, remember'
`the sun filled earth and heaven with a great
Poem: Tears Poem: But these things also
Key Theme: Depression Key Theme: Interpenetration of seasons
Ambiguity but Direct and Focused ­ Images of Flowing ­ Anti-Romantic ­ Aftermath of Winter ­
patriotic Britain ­ Emotionally visceral ­ sadness Coming of Spring ­ Held in balance and juxtaposed
pride and frustration ­ epiphany moments ­ Link with: March, The Glory
indecisiveness of joining up Quotes: `dung in splashes of purest white'
Link with: As the team's, This is no petty case `something to pay Winter's debts' `starling flocks
Quotes: `rage of gladness' `stirring and sweet' by chattering on and on keep their spirits up in the
`fair-haired and ruddy, in white tunics' `if tears mist' `spring's here, Winter's not gone'
have ghosts' `once bore hops' `strange solitude
was there, and silence'
Poem: Melancholy Poem: The Glory
Key Theme: Sadness and Depression Key Theme: Nature
Desire ­ More a Blessing than a curse ­ Incapacity ­ vacancy ­ time ­ contraries ­Positivity
Stubborn persistence ­ Sensory awareness ­ of a new day ­ purity ­ peace and relaxation ­
Ecstatic but deadening ­ Paradoxes ­ Sense of qualifying positivity ­ hopelessness ­ longing
Submission ­ Responsibility and Familiarity Link with: But these Things
Link with: Rain, Gone, Gone Again Quote: `I fancy fit to dwell in beauty's presence' `in
Quotes: `raved endlessly' `if I feared solitude, hope to find whatever it is I seek' `Must I be
far more I feared all company' `I hear a distant content with discontent' `I cannot bite the day to
cuckoo calling' ` sweeten the strange the core' `sublime vacancy' `Awhile forgetting how
sweetness' `what I desired I knew not' I am fast pent'
Poem: Aspens Poem: Words
Key Theme: Identity Key Theme: Language
Personification of Aspens ­ Ever persistent ­ Importance of words ­ sense of hope and service ­
self- deprecation ­ sense of lament ­ absence ­ self-deprecating ­ contrasting pairs ­ word's roots
presence in community ­ sense of the country ­ in nature ­ archaic and organic ­ attributes
Mortality ­ lack of fulfilment Link with: Tears, Old Man, Aspens
Link with: As the Team's head Brass, Tears Quotes: `worn new again and again' `make me
Quotes: `the aspens at the cross-roads talk content with some sweetness'
together' `the whisper of the aspens is not `sweet as our birds to the ear' `as poets do'
drowned' `footless road, empty as sky' `but `choose me, you English words' `precious as gold'
`that we love'

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Poem: This is no petty case Poem: Rain
Key Theme: Patriotism and war Key Theme: Solitude and Depression
Adulterated Patriotism ­ Marred Optimism ­ Monotonous and Persistent ­ Acceptance ­ Begins
Independence ­ Self-respect ­ Propaganda ­ and Ends in Certainty ­ Rest is flowing - Suicide
National Heritage ­ Contradictory qualification note ­ Extended metaphor of Rain ­ Heavy
­ reaction against father Negative
Link with: Tears, As the Team's Head Brass Link with: Melancholy, Lights out
Quotes: `my hate for one fat patriot'…read more

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I must enter and leave
alone' 'It's silence I hear and obey'
'unfathomable deep'…read more



A useful synopsis of a number of poems and their key themes; a great revision tool for the bedroom wall where snippets of information can be digested quickly. Could be used as a starting point for more through analysis by adding quotes and links to the initial information provided.


wow, so awesome and fab!!! thanks so much ***

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