The meaning and Importance of the sacrament of baptism


10.3.1 The meaning and importance of the sacrament

The meaning of the sacrament of baptism:

  • Baptism comes from a Greek word meaning to dip, bathe or wash. In baptism, the old life is washed away and a new one is entered.
  • At baptism a person becomes part of the Christian Church and so the baptised person can be called a christian and is joined in faith with other christians.
  • Baptism is the first of the sacraments marking the beginning of the sacramental life which is essential for Catholics.
  • In infant baptism the original sin with which the child is born is washed away, leaving the baptised person free of sin.
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10.3.1 The Importance of baptism

  • The Catechism teaches that baptism is the basis of christian life and, without it, a person cannot recieve the other sacraments.
  • Through baptism, a person becomes a full member of the Church and is helped by the Church to begin a new life in the Holy Spirit and grow in faith.
  • Baptism washes away original sin so that the baptised can achieve salvation.
  • The catechism says that baptism in necessary for salvation, and without salvation one cannot enter heaven.

To argue against Baptism:

  • Holy orders are more important because without priests there can be no sacraments.
  • The Mass is more important because it brings Christ into the lives of Catholics every week.
  • Recociliation is more important because it forgives the sins you commit after baptism
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