The Meaning and Importance for Catholics, of the Church being the means to faith and salvation

Revision of the Church as the means to faith and salvation

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What does 'the Church as the means to faith' mean?

  • It is through the Church that people come to believe in Christianity so it is the means to faith
  • The Apostles were taught by Jesus and this teaching has been passed on to the Church through Apostolic Succession, meaning people can learn the true faith from the Church
  • Catholics believe that only the Pope and the bishops can teach the true faith through the Magisterium of the Church, so it is only through the Church that the true faith can be found
  • Catholics learn to have faith in God through the actions of the Church such as preparation for the sacraments
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Why the Church as the means to faith is important

  • If the Church is the means to faith, then it teaches the 'one true faith', handed down from the Apostles
  • The faith of the Church brings salvation and eternal life in heaven
  • Local parish churches provide a palce where people can learn about the Catholic faith and become believers
  • People need something to help them believe and become members of the Church
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What does 'the Church as the means to salvation' m

  • The sacrament of baptism which washes away original sin and makes a person a member of the Church
  • The sacrament of reconciliation where, if a person truly repents their sins and determines to live a new life, their sins can be forgiven
  • The penitential rite at Mass which gives people a chance to confess their sins and recieve absolution, which forgives their sins
  • The sacrament of confirmation which makes a person a full member of the Church and gives the gifts of the Holy Spirit to help them on their way to salvation
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Why the Church as the means to salvation is import

  • Without salvation, a person's sins stop them from having close contact with God and send them to hell or purgatory after death
  • It is the only way that people can have eternal life with God
  • It gives Catholics a clear route to salvation. If they take part in the sacraments and follow the teachings of the Church, they will be saved
  • It shows that salvation is a continual process, rather than happening just once at baptism
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To argue against the Church being the only means t

  • Salvation can be gained through reading and believing the Bible
  • Some Protestants believe salvation comes through having a personal relationship with Jesus
  • If the Church is the only means to salvation, then only Christians can go to heaven which goes against God being a God of love
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