the sacraments:baptism

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sacraments are rituals through which the believer receives a special gift of grace 

catholic+orthodox catholics accept 7 sacraments:



-holy communion


-holy orders


-the anointing of the sick

protestant churches see baptism/holy communion as important rituals because jesus instructed christians to do them

some churches practise believer's baptism and consider it important but not a sacrament

other churches like the Quakers or The Salvation Army do not use any sacraments

sacraments help christians because:

-it is believed it will strengthen their relationship with god by making him part of their life

-they affirm that christians are part of the body of christ,the church and its responsibilities in the christians community

for most christians baptism is a ritual that makes people a member of the church

"therefore go and make disciples of all nations,baptising them in the name of father and of the son and of the holy spirit"-Matthew 28:19

baptism:the ritual through which people become members of church, baptism involves the use of water as a symbol of the washing…


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