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Worship and celebration

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Sacrament of Initiation: Batism

Baptism refers to the washing away of the Old life and entering a new one, free of sin.

Main Features:

  • Priests talks to the family about the meaning of the sacrament and the responsibility of raising a child as a catholic
  • Parents and Godparents mark the child with the sign of the cross on its forehead to show that the child belongs to God
  • The priest says a prayer that removes all sin and evil and then anoints the baby
  • The parents and God parents say vows which shows that they believe in the Catholic Faith
  • Water is poured over the child's head as the priest recites the words, I baptise you in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit, Amen
  • The child is anointed with the oil of the chrism
  • A candle is Lit four the Easter Candle and given to the Godparents to symbolize the Light of Christ.
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Why Baptism is Important for Catholics


  • Through this sacrament the person becomes a member of the catholic Church
  • Baptism shows that the child is now a Christian and ready to live like one
  • Baptism washed away original sin and makes them pure
  • The Catechism,m teaches that without this sacrament the child cannot receive any other sacrament As this is the basis of the Christian Life
  • This sacrament gives the parents strength and help in the bringing up
  • It copies the example of Jesus
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