The end of the french wars of religion

Henry 1v rein

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The impact of the FWR

Econimic-war is expensive-cost of weponry-merceneries-created alot of debt- $41

-billeting troops-robbed villages-ropped tax collectors-could'nt be paid easy $-forced villegers to settlments 

-infustructure destroyed (roads ect)-Lyonfor example (was frances banking capital) in which the C bankers were forced by Puritan rebellion which led to the weakerning 

Sociel collapse-revolts-VIvaias-C and P joined against the heavy handed nobel bandits-nobels took advantage of peasents-took their land and were genrelly out of control-destruction of towns 

Religion-religious spl;it-france could never be unified-EofN offered the best compromise possible-still werent happy but WW-Hugs knew France would never be hug seen in EofN where toulouse and paris were exempt from hug worship as they were goverment cities.However EofN offered them resolutions to some of their greivences which led to the rebellion-better than post war-Caths also were still powerful-remained boss-catholic leuge stopped hug influence

monarch-Weak rulers like HIII who were controiled by nobels and CofMadici-HIV inherited no royal authority,bad financiel system,$200 million debt-corrupt tax collection and a ever weakerning army (wasnt feared)-no control during FWR until EofN and henry begun to resume royal control-in FWR rouen and paris were seigedand blockaded-Nobel led brighades and catholic and prot armies destroyed 252 towens including Issoire which was 'burnt to cinder'-No monarch-Prots able to kick caths out of Lyon 

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The death of Henry III

  • The king was knifed by a monk.
  • on his death bed he sent for the King of Navarre and showing him to an assembely seventy or eighty nobels he declared Henry of Navaree as king. 
  • HIII and HIV were under seige with Paris when he was assasinated. Paris was under the control of the C.leauge who were who instead wanted Charles of bourbon as the heir to the throne. 
  • This meant HIV had to continue fighting the FWR as well as having to start a war with spain in order to gain acknoledgment as king. 
  • It wasnt till charles death and his abjuration that HIV became king.  
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The significance of the death of Cardinal Bourbon

  • CdeB was the C.leauges choice for heir to the throne- a catholic organisation they didnt want a proterstant ruler especially not one who had spent the last 30 years fighting them.
  • Henry III had Charles imprisoned on 23 December 1588 and moved him frequently.
  • When HIII died the catholic leuge proclaimed him as king(still imprisioned), he was recocnised by pariment in paris in 1589 and they began formal procedings such as creating coins in his name.
  • Charles, however, renounced the royal title and recognized his nephew HIV as the rightful ruler
  • He died in the castle in which he was a prisoner.His death left CL without a rightful heir and so no loner had a better option that HIV. They were able however to still resist HIV as he was proterstant and they were poverful. However after the stalemate due to the rubish selection of heirs most promising being a women HIVs sbjuration meant he was the best candidate and ended the CL battle.
  • Its important however that only the moderates aknoledged him as king the extreamist still wanted a truly catholic king
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The treaty of vervains

  • one of the 2 major peace treaties
  • peace deal between France and Spain
  • in order to stop the threat of encirclment from the spanish
  • The result was that france came out on top-france got back all the land lost to the spanish-spain potrayed by properganda as losing the war-Henry became this heroic figure who defeated spain-He was crowned as king-removed further opposition-ended the tension-allowed henry to finally get france back to pre war state. 
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How henry becomes King

  • Spain-he declared war oin spain and thus united france as it wanted to retain its heratige
  • Abjuration-ended C leuge oppistion he also said that he would maintain the catholic relgion and remove all heretics 
  • WW. prospect of war over paris-people just wanted 1 ruler 1 kngdom -croquants
  • Stalemate-after Ab he offered best solution 
  • Bribes bribed remaining C leuge 

securing his throne -

  • conersion and effortt to rid heritics ect
  • he also set out to gain the support of the towns; historians such as Braudel see this as  a 
  • major factor in the pacification of France following the Wars of Religion 
  •  he constantly promoted the message of peace (although not always ensuring it) which 
  • was quite contrary to the more aggressive approach of the League 
  •  his extensive campaigns against aristocratic unrest had some effect, e.g. in relation to 
  • the League, 1594 marked the turning point leading to treaties of pacification and  offers 
  • of pensions 
  •  the working relationship with Sully promoted both finance and the economy and thus 
  • greater financial stability.  
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Effects of FWR

  • Weak Goiverment H
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the extent of relgious unity in France in this per

  • Monarch-people were unified as they wanted peace and this meant having one absolute ruler-all thoose who didnt actually want peace were paid
  • War- they were all unified in potecting the frence heritage from heritics and spain-Treaty of Vervains


  • Country vs Nobels-had been mistreated by Nbels and led mto Croqants revolt-
  • Prot vs cath- resentment of both sides from the war-deep routed-Hugs felt btrayed by HIV and Caths didnt want HIV on the  throne 
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