How united was Italy after 1861?

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Venetia and Rome still unacquired:

  • Venetia wasn't annexed until the Austro-Prussian 1866 war
  • Napoleon III used careful and clever planning to gain the state of Venetia;
    - he met with Bismarck in 1865 at Biarritz and said he would remain neutral in an up-and-coming war with Austria in return for Venice
    - at the same time he thought the best situation would be no-lose one so Napoleon also met with Austria
    - he declared that he would remain neutral in a possible war, so long as France gain Venetia for doing so
  • finally at the Treaty of Prague in August 1866, Venetia was handed over to France to pass onto Italy
  • Rome was acquired in similar circumstances but this time, Bismarck had provoked a war with France
  • it was 1870, Bismarck had done several things to get Napoleon angry enough to declared war with Prussia
  • meanwhile, because the French army were outnumbered quite a lot, the 20,000 French troops that were occupying Rome had to leave and join in the war
  • at this point, Rome was left undefended so the Prime Minister of Italy…


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