The contract to compete

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Contract to compete

‘An unwritten code whereby performers agree to strive against each other to win’

  • Acceptance of this contract involves an expectation of how the opposition will play – within the rules, appropriate ethics and sportsmanship
  • Also recognition that opposition can win, within the laws of activity
  • This concept is based on Victorian ideas of air play, athleticism, sportsmanship, taking part important not winning
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Performers expectations

  • Try their best
  • Show sportsmanship
  • Respect the rules and officials
  • Fair play refers to allowing all participants an equal chance to achieve victory – it assumes respect for others
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Negative ethic

Idea that 'winning is everything'

  • Display gamesmanship/not sportsmanship/not fair play
  • Break the rules of the sport/injure other players/aggressive behaviour
  • Not following the etiquette of the sport, eg shaking hands/racism
  • Drugs/doping
  • Not try their best to win, eg match fixing/weaker team selected
  • Disrespect officials and their decisions 
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Gamesmanship and Sportsmanship

  • Sportsmanship -> conforming to the rules, sprit and etiquette of the sport
  • Gamesmanship -> bending the rules
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