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Sponsorship is an agreement between a
company and an event organiser where
the company gives money - or the
equivalent in kind - in exchange for rights
to associate the company name with the
event. This association can include the
company name on team shirts, on
advertising banners, in press
advertisements or whatever is agreed in
order to improve the awareness or image
of the company.…read more

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Why do companies sponsor?
· Some companies target specific
sports due to the class and make up
of the participants and supporters
· Public recognition of company name
· Sponsors keen to get a good, clean,
pure image
· Successful team more coverage…read more

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· Can train and compete without financial burden.
· Increases income.
· Creates extra promotion/advertising.
· Money to improve facilities and coaching for
sports future.
· More competitions
· More prize money
· Better venues
· More coaches
· More grass root inclusion
· More technology…read more

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· Sponsorship can be withdrawn if performance is bad.
· Less well known players and sports find it hard to gain
· Sponsors may want large amount of control.
· Governing bodies become reliant on money.
· Pressure to perform
· Lack of privacy
· Risk of injury in order to keep terms of contract
· Major sponsors can determine timing of an event
· Individual and club pressure if joint sponsors
· Sponsors product may conflict with an individuals views or
· Personal appearances disrupt training programme.…read more

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Increasingly the tv cameras now pick up and
highlight sponsors logos plastered across
the playing surface of sports pitches and
courts, Often these logos appear in 3D
standing up right on the pitch, the reason
for this is that broadcasting regulations
(issued by the Independent Television
Commission ITC) in Britain state that you
are not allowed to generate a sponsors
logo electronically.…read more

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