The Woman in Black Key Language

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  • "suddenly shaking"
  • "sunken and slipped"
  • "salt smelled"
  • "silver marshes"

repetion of the 's' sound creates a hissing connotations, of serpent like deciet and slyness

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  • "the dog spider began to whine"
  • "Bump, bump. Pause"
  • "growing and grubling"
  • "Drizzling dampness"
  • "splashing water"
  • "sinffling and snuffling"
  • "muffled"
  • "bristling"

onomatopoeia, 'cming to life' helps to personify, (pathetic fallacy) and give things an eery nature 

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Physical Effects on Arthur

  • "my whole body was tremblin, my mouth was dry"
  • "my throat felt constricted and dry"
  • "I felt my heart again begin to race"
  • "I could do nothing, but stand, stand as sstill and as stiff as a post, rigid with fear"
  • "I stood shivering"
  • "the palms of my hand sore, where I had dug my nails into them"
  • "[I had] never known my knees to tremble, and my flesh to creep and then turn as cold as stone, never known my heart to give a great lurch"
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Adjectives and Emotive Language

a great number of vivid adjectives to describe her appearance

  • "only the thinnest layer of flesh was taughtly stretched and strained across her bones"
  • "was so pathetically wasted, so pale and gaunt with disease"

A lot of emotve language centred by Arthurs feelings

  • "I do not know how long I stood there in fear and trembling in dreadful bewilderment"
  • "I was breathing so fast as I ran to the corner"
  • "I stood, hideously afraid"
  • "I was more distressed than I could bear"
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Semantic Field of Death

ever present WIB= ever present feeling of death

  • "spirit"
  • "intangible"
  • "suffering"
  • "malevolence"
  • "soul"
  • "burial ground"
  • "graves"
  • "ghost"

Image of the sea vulture with the fish in its mouth implying entrapment and indicataive of the WIBs presence

  • "that unpleasant, snake-necked bird came gliding towards the ruins and I saw in its beak was hooked around a fish that writhed and struggled helplessly"
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Pathetic Fallacy

weather is featured prominently 

  • "my spirits have for many years now been excessively affetced by the ways of the weather"

cold=death, lack of life

clear and frosty weather on Christmas Eve keeps Kipps contented, as a pose to the haunting of 

  • "yellow fog, a filthy, evil-smelling fog, fog that chocked and blinded, smeared and stained"
  • "menacing and sinister" fog enroute to Crythin Gifford

fog-confusion-covering the truth- forebodes apparition of WIB at the house

  • "loomed, yellow-grey and thicker than ever"
  • "the wind raged around like a lion, howling at doors and beating upon windows"
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Perception/ Viewpoint

First perosn narrative

only told by Arthur,

  • this is an advantage we get to see his thoughts and feeliing, immediate, realistic, empathise with vicanous terror and fear
  • disadvantage, could it be a unreliable narrator? in the sense could he be making this all up and be easily influenced?

other perspectives

reports leeters between the drablows 

two viewpoints old Arthur Kipps, vs young Arthur Kipps

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imagery of shadow and shade

  • "in the shadows of the church"
  • "a bonnet type hat her head and shaded her face"
  • "concealed herself"
  • "in the greyness of the fading light"
  • "she slipped behind the gravestone, keeping close to the shadow of the wall"
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