Snaith/She walks in beauty 15 marks


In the poem ‘She walks in beauty’ Byron displays a sense of wonder and admiration towards a young woman in mourning. He inspects her stature and her face which later is described as ‘so soft, so calm and eloquent.’ Byron later emphasises the significance of the woman’s ‘innocent’ soul which highlights her purity and sweetness.

 The poem is there to set contrast of dark and bright in the world and how her beauty cannot be highlighted in the light of day. This gives the poem a sense of balance and fluidity. Byron’s structure is used effectively to emphasise the fluidity, this is shown by using enjambment, the running on of lines.’ Which waves in every raven’s trees, or softly lightens o’er face.’ The woman is described as ‘Thus mellowed to that tender light which Heaven to gaudy day denies.’  Byron indicates to the social hierarchy by this phrase as women of the upper class were expected to be calm, elegant and poised.

Throughout stanza 3 it speaks of him having ‘a mind at peace with all below.’ This demonstrates the ‘tender light’ and how her


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