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A PDF version of my revision notes/guide for any GCSE English Literature students studying 'The Woman in Black' designed for the AQA sylibus.

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The Woman in Black.
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The Woman in Black.
Chapter summaries
Christmas eve. A London Particular.
Elderly Kipps describes his younger, Fog is used to introduce London.
arrogant self. Hell- like descriptive language, "Great
Kipps' first encounter with Monk's boiling cauldrons of tar"
Piece. First experience of the silence that
Hints that something bad has follows every time Mrs. Drablow is
happened in his past. mentioned.
Introduction to Esmé and family. Mr. Bentley explains who Mrs.…read more

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The Woman in Black.
Mr. Jerome is afraid. Spider
Kipps plans to leave CG after his By morning, Kipps has changed his mind.
experience the previous day. Kipps denies that EM house is having an
He hates how he's not in control. effect on him.
Goes to Mr. J to ask if anyone from Sam Daily tells him he can't go back to
CG will come out to EM house with EM house alone.
him. Daily gives Kipps his dog spider for
Mr.…read more

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The Woman in Black.
Arthur Kipps
o Introduced in the novel as an old man describing his younger self as arrogant.
o A young solicitor looking for a higher position in his law firm.
o A typical ghost story main character, a sceptic, a non-believer- "I never thought of myself as a fanciful
o He was sent to CG to deal with the papers of Mrs Alice Drablow.…read more

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The Woman in Black.
o He has quite a dramatic reaction to the Woman in Black on page 51 where his face fills with fear.
o This is one of the only points that Jerome shows his fear, through out the rest of the novel he is
portrayed as quite collected and able to hide his emotions.…read more

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The Woman in Black.
o Susan Hill also creates fear through her use of un-explainable noises. "The rumbling and creaking of the
trap were coming"
o "I could hear it again, the odd, faint, rhythmic noise- bump bump, pause, bump bump, pause, bump
o "That maddeningly familiar bump that tantalized me because I still could not identify it."
o "In The Nursery" is good to look at when discussing noises.…read more

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The Woman in Black.
o He describes it as "The happiest of homes."
o Buildings have a power over him "Seized" "Conviction" (theme of power)
o Eel Marsh House:
o Cut off from anywhere else, isolated, "lonely".
o Kipps is "addicted" and "fascinated" by EMH.
o "This extra ordinary place was imprinting it's self on my mind and deep into my imagination."
o The vulture could be forewarning Kipps about the house.…read more

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The Woman in Black.
Exam language
Useful phrases:
The writer shows that...
The writer demonstrates...
We can see from ....
The description of the setting sets the tone for...
Her choice of language indicates...
Hill establishes that...
Another interpretation could be...
In the exam...
In the exam you will be given two possible questions to choose from.…read more

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The Woman in Black.…read more


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