The Farmer's Bride - Mr Bruff - A* Analysis

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Charlotte Mew - Her siblings were comitted to a mental insitution, lived through the war. They made a pact no to marry, they didn't want to pass on insanity to future children. Dressed as a Dandy, a masculine way to dress.

The Farmer's Bride

(Themes of Women's rights. Poem could be a metaphor for the suffering of women in this time period, a negative connotation on men and society. Collequial language on the man could be used to show a microcosm of how men are dumb and gives him an overall negative image. The title of the poem shows how she might not have consumated the relationship as she isn't his Wife and also it is possesive to the man. Mental illness imagery is conveyed throughout the poem and is in relation to the poet. Nature themes are also to convey how the Farmer is constantly taking and the Bride is one with the animals. The structure of the poem reflects imbalance (maybe between men and women or sanity and insanity, this is due to the varied stanza lengths.)

Three summers since I chose a maid,

Too young maybe—but more’s to do

At harvest-time than bide and woo. When us was wed she turned afraid


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