"The Woman in Black" revision notes

A summary of all things "Woman in Black". Chapter summaries, character descriptions, themes and exam tips. For all AQA GCSE English literature students studying "The Woman in Black" by Susan Hill.

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The Woman in Black.

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The Woman in Black.

Chapter summaries

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The Woman in Black.

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The Woman in Black.

Arthur Kipps
o Introduced in the novel as an old man describing his younger self as arrogant.
o A young solicitor looking for a higher position in his law firm.
o A typical ghost story main character, a sceptic, a non-believer- "I never thought of myself…

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The Woman in Black.

o He is Kipps' guardian, comes to save him at the end.
o He tries to protect Kipps though out by hinting that he shouldn't go to EMH without putting the burden
of the Woman in Black's secret on his shoulders.

Mr. Jerome;
o A small,…

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The Woman in Black.

Themes and Key ideas:
o Fear is a key theme in "The Woman in Black".
o As a ghost story its purpose is to entertain and to frighten.
o Susan Hill keeps the reader on edge through the rise and fall of tension. In the…

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The Woman in Black.

Kipps can't piece together. In the first chapter we get the impression the older Kipps now understands
their reasoning behind not telling him as he too gives us, the reader, the same treatment.
o "Silence" is used to describe nearly very characters reaction to Kipps telling…

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The Woman in Black.

The novel is set up so that it is told by older Kipps, this helps us, the reader, get a better understanding about
the situation as older Kipps is able to give hint to us about what is to come, for example, "Yet I do not…

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The Woman in Black.

recommended 45 minutes are over which may result in you having less time for your Section B:
Exploring cultures. It is wise to leave 5 minutes at the end to check over your work to see if you could
add in any extra points, quotes, correct…

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The Woman in Black.




Thanks, this has really helped me out on my English Literature revision



 The only reson i gave your resource a 4 out of 5 was just because of a few spelling mistakes, words missed  out and a few sentences that didn't make sense.However content is probably a 5 because all the information isn't overwelming  but it is very useful. I would recommend this resource to other people in the future . Thank you



Dhamen Khanna


Why is the section 'Quote Bank' Empty?  Unless im having technical issie

Matthew Riley


it would help if there were page numbers and the fact that Arthur Kipps' feeling and emotions change with the weather is not included.



Realllllllllly good, thanks!

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