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Literature Poems
·Carol Ann Duffy - Havisham Themes
- Anne Hathaway
- Before You Were Mine
- Stealing
·Simon Armitage - Hitcher
Parent & Child
- Kid
- Homecoming
- Mother Any Distance...
·Pre-1914 - Sonnet 130 ASBO
- My Last Duchess
1914 - The Laboratory
-On My First Sonne
Love…read more

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· About the betrayal of Miss Havisham ­character
from the novel `Great Expectations' by Charles
Dickens- by her fiancé, who stood her up on her wedding
day leaving her a spinster (not married and never will
Key Quotes:
·"I stabbed at a wedding cake"- like the pain of her fiancé leaving or what she would
want to do if she saw him again, the love and joy of the wedding cake contrast with this.
· "A long slow honeymoon" ­shows her hatred for men, wants something dead-
necrophilia? Could be a sign of desperation- no distractions so the man won't leave her.
Language Features:
Metaphor- "dark green pebbles for eyes"- no emotion, inhuman. "hate behind a white
veil"- feels she was never loved.
Oxymoron- "Beloved Sweetheart Bastard."- was betrayed by the one she loved, also a
plosive alliteration.
Juxtaposition- "Love's hate"- contrasting opposites, feels love must hate her.
Onomatopoeia- "Bang." emphasises the alliteration of "red balloon bursting" which also
has connotations of love, anger and heartbreak.
Structure- Enjambment relates to Miss Havisham's instability.
Compare with `The Laboratory'- both characters have been betrayed and want…read more

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Anne Hathaway
· Anne Hathaway was the wife of William Shakespeare
· About what Shakespeare left her in his will (their second best bed)
Key Quotes:
·"my second best bed"- would be the best possible gift, sentimental value.
· "a softer rhyme", "he'd written for me", "assonance" and "touch a verb... noun"­ relates
to his love for English language, also metaphors for their physical relationship.
·"dribbling their prose" ­ the best bed was where the guests slept, contrasts with the
second best bed where there is poetry whereas in the best bed there is prose and
therefore no rhythm or rhyme.
Language Features:
Alliteration- "living laughing love", like she is dwelling on memories they've had
Metaphor- "a spinning world" is fantastical like Shakespeare's plays. "he would dive for
pearls" is a metaphor for their physical relationship. "my body now a softer rhyme to
his" contrasts the male and female body, and her body compliments his. "the bed a page
beneath his writer's hands" relates to Shakespeare's career.
Rhyming Couplet- "head...bed", ends like a Shakespearean sonnet.
Structure- Freer than a sonnet but end like one with the rhyming couplet.
Compare with `Havisham'- both dream and are about love.…read more

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Before You
Were Mine
About how the poet would liked to have known her mother when she
was glamorous and young.
· Looking at a photograph -3 girls laughing- which inspired the poem, and
poet uses a lot of visual imagery in relation to this.
Key Quotes:
·"Your polka-dot dress blows round your legs. Marilyn." - the poet describes her mum
as glamorous, like Marilyn Monroe.
· "The fizzy, movie tomorrows.." is saying how her life had lots of potential, but having a
baby changed everything- regret?
·"I wanted the bold girl winking.." and "I'm ten years away.." demonstrate how
possessive the child is.
Language Features:
Metaphor- "the thousand eyes" is a disco ball.
Direct Address- "You" and "Mine" in the title immediately sets up possessiveness
Structure- Four structured stanzas- like a photo album or showing time passing by?
Compare with `Stealing'- use of informal language and poems being like a conversation.…read more

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About someone who steals from "Boredom."
· Poem is a monologue and the character tells us about the things he
has stolen, as well as what his motivation for stealing is.
Key Quotes:
·"Life's tough." and "sick of the world." ­ cliché, envies what others have, had enough of
being lonely, possibly
· "I stole a guitar" and "I nicked a bust of Shakespeare" ­ trying to steal talent and
·"..children would cry in the morning." ­ enjoys upsetting people, wants them to
experience the same feelings that he has had?
Language Features:
Simile- "mind as cold as the slice of ice", also assonance, calling himself dumb and
comparing himself to the snowman.
Direct Address- "You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?", assuming he's
Rhetorical Question- "The most unusual thing I ever stole?", like a police interview?
Structure- Enjambment enforces the feeling of the character reminiscing, and a loose
structure and disordered rhyme scheme show the personality of the character.
Compare with `My Last Duchess'- use of enjambment.…read more

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A confession of a man who picks up and then kills a hitchhiker
with a krooklok, jealous of his carefree lifestyle
· The driver seems unable to face everyday life
Key Quotes:
·"ansaphone", "Vauxhall Astra" and "krooklok" - demonstrates how materialistic the
driver is.
· "you're finished. Fired." ­ he's at risk of losing his job, stressed. Also a fricative
·"round the next bend"- `round the bend' is a phrase for going crazy and insane.
·"you can walk from there."- irony as he cannot walk, shows the driver's dark humour.
Language Features:
Personification- "he liked the breeze to run its fingers through his hair" and "the
ansaphone kept screaming"
Assonance- "blowin' in the wind", also a song by Bob Dylan, emphasises the imagery of a
man with no cares.
Structure- Enjambment across two stanzas makes you think of someone telling a
difficult story
Compare with `The Laboratory'- use of enjambment and both characters show little
remorse for their actions.…read more

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