The importance of Family and Friends

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Intro for Speaking and Listening

Who are your family members? Who are your friends? If we had chosen our family members would we still be as successful? These are the sort of questions we should be asking ourselves; as we had reached the stage of maturity to start asking questions about the journey of life and what we must understand and what we shouldn’t understand about it. 

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Paragraph 1- Speaking and Listening

I am talking about this subject as in my opinion, I strongly feel, that "Family" is symbolism for true happiness in which does not need to consist of blood-related inheritance and can just be between brothers and sisters if their parent had passed away or if they have been adopted.

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Paragraph 2- Speaking and Listening

We live in a society that is interdependent. We learn to experience emotions like love and share just by living in this society. My family and friends are indeed my most important influence. They are our main support groups and sometimes act as an interventionist as well. Both family and friends are quite often responsible for our good or bad. My family are basically my group of therapists who I love and who gives me day to day advice for free.

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Paragraph 3- Speaking and Listening

My family endures my pain and gives us the best possible guidance on how to be successful. During the time when one of my best friends had died my family had comforted me to the extent that I would've not known where I would be if I didn't have them. We also share some great moments together when going out or watching the television.

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Paragraph 4 (Statistics)- Speaking and Listening

There are 69,540 looked after children on 31st March 2015, compared to 68,800 in 2014.

Of these:

  • The majority of looked after children (61%) are looked after by the city due to abuse or neglect.
  • The majority of children (73%) are from a White British background.
  • 52,050 (75%) were in a foster placement.
  • 5% of the children looked after were under the age of 1.
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Paragraph 5- Speaking and Listening

In order to feel fully accomplished in your life, it’s important to have the support of your family and friends, since they are the closest people in your life.

God’s gift to me was my family and friends in which makes me feel appreciated for what I have, as they had helped to mature from the early years to now.

My family are my motivation to do well in my exams.During the busiest times of the

During the busiest times of the year, my family inspires and motivates me to do well in my exams, as they give me advice, which is useful during my exams.  They are not scared to say the truth and are completely honest with me; this is what helps me to do well in my exams. Strict criticism.

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Paragraph 6- Speaking and Listening

My parents are one of my best teachers and  in most cases are my best friends. However, my friends, I am still determining who my friends are. One of my best friends I had used to play football in the park had died and I had felt some strong depression for a young age as I was not prepared to face a loss of someone, even my uncle, I used to spend so much time in Uganda with.

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Paragraph 7- Speaking and Listening

My real friends are not within this school, I only have a few but choose to socialize with other people as everyone are unique and interesting in their own way, and I would like to engage in their arguments  about school and life, etc. When I was watching Step-up 3, ignoring the fact that it was a dance film. As a character within this film had said “They don’t choose our family, we do” This quote suggests that a family doesn’t have to consist of blood-related inheritance, it can be between your friends, your youth group, etc.

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Last paragraph-Speaking And Listening

In order to maintain these relationships we have to be compatible with them, show respect towards them and love them as well. 

My  point is that it is important to have a family, (doesn’t have to be blood-related), and a friend/s who cares about us, because our family & friends give us guidance in which helps us grow into mature young adults and eventually adults, etc. 

This globe is a family. Just like a tree with billions of branches which also has stems and attached to that, are leaves and fruits. We are those fruits that are growing and would be able to grow fruits of our own.

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