The Red Ball

summary of the Red Ball a story in opening worlds GCSE

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The chracters

Bolan- wants to be included with other children, good bowler, selfish in a childish way, not cruel.

Father- strict, loving, tries hard to do well for his family.

Mother- loves Bolan completely and would protect him through anything.

other children-cruel at first to Bolan, but change to liking him,

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Bolan moves to city, he is called names by other children but then they discover he can really bowl. Bolan is poor but too proud to accept charity, his parents are finding it difficult to make money. Bolan steals the money they have earned to buy blackpudding and a proper cricket ball to make himself popular with the other children. His father finds out and beats him while his mother tries to protect him. At the end of the story the father says he loves Bolan.

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The importance of being accepted as a child ( could compare to Winter Oak as child in that dosen't care)

How children can be mistakenly selfish (compare to Leela's friend because child in that also gets there own way)

Country life versus city life (could compare to Winter Oak as classroom contrasts to forest.)

Poverty (how Bolan is ashamed compare to Pieces of Silver as acting Headmaster acts like poverty is a sin)

Conflict between adult and child (compare to Pieces of Silver the acting headmaster in that is being cruel whereas the father in The Red Ball is wellmeaning)

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good notes bit basic ad easyily found from readn book but it is a good set of notes

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