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my fellow britons,

in this speech i will adress issues that we as a country are concerned about.

First of all- having a better environment in britain. When i travel abroad i notice there is..

 For example, in italy...

Some of you may disagree with me and say 'i've seen landfills abroad.' I Completely support your views and this is why i think that britain as a leading Union should lead the way to an environmentally friendly earth. 

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this is why i will insist that for every kilogram of waste we produce,- we revieve a small cash reward. This turns out to be very eco friendly- as when i give you money, you can go buy the product, recycle the waste and buy it again. 10% of the money saved on packaging will be spread over britain, to you. 

My second point.... Uni fees. 

''too mountainous for uk citizens to have to cope with.''

this is why , when i become prime minister i plan to half uni fees by the end of 2014. 

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My next point involves the 2012 olympic and paralympic games.

As we people in the united kingdom are hosting the olympic games this year, i think it is important we make a good impression on our fellow countries. 

This is why at this extremely short notice, when i become prime minister,  i plan to launch the Great Brittish Olympic Clean Up project. 

this will give uk citizens the chance to

-make new friends

-neibourhoods presentation

-2012 olympics


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My next point involves redundancy and resession in the uk. 


When i become prime minister i will guarentee an end to the resession. It wont be easy but we have to work together as a country and pull through. 

we need to regaine our rights

stop the resession

march into our shops with our cvs and resemmes and know we can get a job. 

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my final point is the police and nhs cuts in the uk.

This problem will be merely a distant memory, a mistake this country made. The police and NHS are very important assets in the UK, i feel. Let's put an end to cuts- our people deserve jobs. we deserve the rights to support our families and we are what makes britain. 

let change happen.


Any questions

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