English media: Why is genre important?

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Why is genre important?
For the audience:
For the producers:
market texts according to genre because a niche audience has already been identified as
taking pleasure in that type of text
standardise production practices according to genre conventions, thus cutting costs
subscribe to established conventions of versimilitude, thus reinforcing genre conventions,
but also allowing creativity within a given format
e.g. it is an accepted convention in science fiction that spaceships make noises, which helps
create excitement in battle scenes, but it is a scientific fact that no sound travels through the vacuum
that is space.
U and G
Personal relationships: helping us connect with family and friends, topic for
conversation and social empathy.
Personal identity: finding a reinforcement for personal values, finding models for
behaviour and gaining an insight into yourself.
Finding out about events in society and the world
Seeking advice on matters of opinion and decision choices
Satisfying curiosity and general interest


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