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  • Social Media
    • Its dangerous. Its more safer to actually talk to people face to face rather than through Facebook/Twitter
      • I mean, who knows what he really looks like with all those filters going on?
    • Damages health
      • Its amazingly addictive and we all know it, but are you really willing to risk your health for your 150 twitter followers?
    • Could do something better with your time than to go online and tell the whole world how boring your life is
      • I mean, who cares if you're at your nans having a sandwitch?
    • Your life goes on hold whilst you're online...
      • You miss out on time to be with friends and family and actually enjoy yourself rather than stalking people you don't like
    • But when you are with your friends..
      • Everyone is on their phones checking their feed, tweeting about how bored they are...
        • You're across the room from your friends but they're texting you instead of talking? Or liking/commenting on your picture, but thats not the important thing! Wifi is!
    • Stalking is so much easier thanks to social media!
      • Your hear about this cute guy, what better way to get to know him than to stalk him on facebook!
        • Thats right! No need for awkward chat up lines when you have good old facebook to do the trick!
    • Lonliness. Thats what you receive when you're hooked on social media.
      • You may be connected with people all over the world, but you're damaged and  disconnected from the ACTUAL world right on your doorstep
    • And how do we solve this problem? Have a good sense of humour and live life for yourself. Not to tweet about it to the whole world.
    • Socially deprived. Thats how to define the people of today. Useless and dependent.


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