The events of the 1905 Revolution

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Key words

Mutiny - A rebellion in the army of navy against someone in charge. 

Quarter Master - A lower-ranking officer with responsibility for steering the ship and signalling other ships

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Potemkin Mutiny (June 1905)

    • The most famous mutiny is the mutiny by the sailors of the Russian navy battleship Potemkin 
    • The sailors in the Russian navy faced very tough discipline and very poor conditions
    • Some soldiers (like industrial workers) learned about socialism 
      • They believed it was wrong for officers to have complete control over the lives of ordinary sailors, just because they were from the upper classes.
  • The quartermaster of Potemkin was a socialist called Matyushenko.
    • Matyushenko and other crewmen planned to lead a mutiny of the main part of Russias large fleet of the navy to link up with the peasants of the Russian empire to bring down the tsar

In June 1905 the sailors of the ship took control of Potemkin. 

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Extend your knowledge

Explain why rebellions within the military were particularly worrying to the tsarist government.

Rebellions withing the military were particularly worrying to the tsarist government because as long as the government controlled the military they controlled the people, without the military the government would be left defenseless 

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