IGCSE History Russia- Complete Outline

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The Russian Revolution

  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif) CAUSES OF THE MARCH [FEBRUARY] REVOLUTION OF 1917 [Why Was There A Revolution In February]?
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Weakness of Russia (7 things)
      • Size
      • Peasants
      • Poverty
      • Corrupt autocracy
      • Okhrana
      • Censorship
      • = lack of support.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)War (4 things)
      • army badly led
      • army poorly equipped
      • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)huge defeats at (2 battles):
        • Tannenberg
        • Masurian Lakes
      • = anger and unrest.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Tsar and Tsarina unpopular (6 things)
      • hated after Bloody Sunday 1905
      • Tsar blamed for WWI defeats
      • Tsarina left in charge while Tsar commanded army
      • Tsarina gave great power to Rasputin
      • incompetent government
      • = Nicholas and Alexandra hated.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Attacks and opposition (3 points)
      • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Duma [The Cadets]
        • angry over lack of power
        • = Duma didn’t support Government.
      • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Social Revolutionary Party
        • = wanted peasant revolt,
      • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Social and Democratic Labour Party split into (2 parties)
        • Mensheviks
        • Bolsheviks
        • = wanted Communist government
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Reforms failed (3 things)
      • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Prime Minister Stolypin had tried reform (2 reforms)
        • let kulaks buy own land
        • tried to improve conditions for workers
      • but was murdered 1911
      • = last chance to reform was lost.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Industrialisation (3 things)
      • created huge urban workforce
      • terrible conditions
      • = disaffection in Petrograd.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Famine (5 things)
      • Trains diverted to war effort so fewer supplies to cities
      • 15 million men joined army
      • high prices
      • bad winter 1916-17
      • = demonstrations and bread riots.
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif) EVENTS OF THE MARCH [FEBRUARY] REVOLUTION OF 1917
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)7 March
      • Steelworkers on strike.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)8 March
      • International Women’s Day – bread riots.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)10 March (2 things)
      • Half workforce on strike
      • Tsarina orders army to stop them.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)11 March (2 things)
      • Troops fired on crowds
      • Tsar dissolves Duma.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)12 March (3 things)
      • Soldiers joined riots
      • Duma sets up 12-man ‘ Provisional Government’ led by Kerensky.
      • Soldiers and workers set up ‘Petrograd Soviet’.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)15 March
      • Tsar abdicated.
  • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif) THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT [Government That’s Provisional Will Be Killed]
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Government (2 things)
      • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Petrograd Soviet issues Order Number 1
        • workers and soldiers only obey Provisional Government if Soviet agrees
      • = government has little power.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Terrible conditions (2 things)
      • Continuing war led to worse inflation and food shortages
      • = people feel let down.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Peasants (3 things)
      • Took nobles land
      • Provisional Government sent in troops
      • = anger.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)War (3 things)
      • Russian defeat in Austria
      • deserters executed
      • = naval mutiny, desertions increased.
    • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Bolsheviks (5 things)
      • Lenin returned
      • close section (http://onlinetools.org/tools/dom-tree-menu-puredom/minus.gif)Lenin Published his ‘April Theses’:
        • 'Peace, Bread Land'
      • ‘July Days’ riots,
      • Provisional arrested leaders but allowed Bolshevik…




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