The 1905 Russian Revolution; Causes and Consequences

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Learning Objectives:

      • Understand key features of the 1905 revolution
      • Understand the events and consequences of the revolution 
      • Explain the reasons why Tsar Nicholas II survived the revolution            
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Long Term Causes Of The Revolution

  • The general discontent with tsarist rule can be seen as the long-term causes of the 1905 revolution.
            • This discontent meant the pressure was building up against the harsh conditions and lack of freedom in tsarist Russia. 

In 1905, two important events helped provide the immediate causes of the revolution  >>>>

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Immediate Causes Of The Revolution (1/2)

            • Russia wanted control of a part of northern China called Manchuria. This region had valuable resources and a port where the sea didn't freeze over winter
      • Japan also had plans for Manchuria and this led to a war between Russian and Japan in 1904  
      • Russia was confident that, as a major European power, it could easily beat Japan 
    • However, the Japanese defeated the old-fashioned military tactics of the Russians both on land and sea

Russian people blamed the tsarist government for this embarrassing defeat 

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Immediate Causes Of The Revolution (2/2)

  • BLOODY SUNDAY (9 January 1905)
        • Bloody Sunday was a massacre of unarmed protesters that took place in St. Petersburg on Sunday 9th January 1905
        • A large crowd of protesters led by Father Gapon was bringing a petition signed by 150,000 people to the tsar.
      • The protesters were factory workers and their families
            • The petition called for an 8-hour working day, the right to organize trade unions, and for a constitution to guarantee these rights and other freedoms in law.

Although the protest march was peaceful, the way to the tsar's palace was blocked by soldiers. The soldiers-not knowing what to do-Fired two warning shots, which were followed by a stream of shots fired at the protestors.

100 people were killed and hundreds more wounded 

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