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The Big Issue website mentions their foundings and work. They discuss the cause, 'Our mission is to dismantle poverty by creating opportunity through self help, social trading and business solutions'. Going into depth with what they have and are still trying to achieve gains an emotive and active response from their audience.

There are 4 main sections of their website:

The magazine

  • Includes articles on recent events and focuses more on the news and content of the magazine than anything else.


  • There are options to seek investment or looking to invest. Being a charitable magazine this would appeal to their audience.
  • Facts on investments they have made.
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  • Gives their audience the opportunity to donate rather on one-off or monthly basis.
  • More of an insight into the appeal as well as sellers stories - emotive.
  • Also discusses events and how people can get involved.


  • Described as 'Social trading'.
  • Sells: Jewllery & Addessories, Clothing, Home & Gift, Artwork & Prints, Books & magazines

The website mostly promotes their cause which will resonate well with an audience, however the lack of focus on the magazine itself may have a slightly negotiated respopnse as some audiences may be looking for easier access to more articles.

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Social Media

Twitter: 46,231

Facebook: 29,668

Instagram: 4,755

The least amount of followers than the other texts - used to promote their web articles which are mostly focused on serious issues which relates to their genre and cause

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