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Case studys Inside Facebook bbc 4th December 2011 Ubiquous everyone can get everything everywhere- Mchluens global village- utopia Leveson enquiry Surveillance, and audience convergence henry jenkins Because of new technology we are in an age of surveillance, due to mibile phone camers cctv we cannot escape the surveillance aspect of life Palm held digital 8 or mini dv cameras mean that filmingat night shooting movement, capturing sound and mixing focal lengths are achieved without much preparation or technology Television producers and programme have been quick to capitalise on this in a number of different way. First people home produce video material can be recyclyed and used as the primary source for a prime time television. You’ve been framed people are asked to send in amusing slips of themselves. The receive 200 quid if they do Because of…



dude u might be a beast!


its Ubiquitous not Ubiquous btw but i will carry on nonetheless 


"mibile" poor just poor come on fix up look sharp DENCH! 

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