Television Drama

These cards are about the different genres we will come across in the Television Drama section. Each genre has a bried description and some example.

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Teen Dramas

Depends entirely on the target audience empathising with a range of authentic, convincing characters and age speciaifc situation and worrie/anxieties.

Eg... Skins, Grange Hill, Hollyoaks

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Soap Operas

Never end, convey a sense of real time, depends on audience accepting them as socially realistic.

Eg... Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale

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Perios/ Costume Dramas

Usually based on classic novels/plays. Set usually in historical settings, the futrue or the past.

Eg... Life on Mars, Rome, Bleak House

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Medical/Hospital Dramas

Balance our interest in health/treatment of illnesswith narrative based on workplace and relationships. Second strand similar to soap opera in conventions.

E.g... Holby City, Casualty, Green Wing

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Police/Crime Dramas

Work in th same way as Medical/hospital dramas but with representation of criminals/victims instead of health.

E.g... Prime Suspect, Spooks, A touch of frost

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Docu dramas

Attempt to dramatise significant real events which usually have human/celebrity /politica/ interest.

E.g... The Hamburg Cell, Cook's last Voyage, Inside WACO

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