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20th century Fox distrubuted Avatar. an American film studio. other popular films connected to them include: The Chronicles of Narnia, Dr Dolittle, Star wars and Ice age. it is owned by News Coporation, which is the world's largest Conglomerate, a company which owns many other companies. Avatar was above the line marketing.

A video game was also created, the film makers and video makers collaborated. the game was released in 2009 for Wii, Ninetendo DS, iPhone and PS3. Action figures were also released in 2009, with a 3D webtag on each. Mcdonalds also released toy figures in thier happy meals.  

Film Release: Avatar was released threatically worldwide in december. released in IMAX format, proved to be biggest IMAX release since Harry potter half blood prince. MainStream Cinema

DVD and BluRay release: released in the UK and US on april 26. The release broke records in the US, canada and UK.

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SYNOPSIS: a king has to overcome his stammer, with the help of his speech threapist.

GENRE: biography|historical|drama.....TARGET AUDIENCE: originally targeted at older audiences interested in historical dramas, the films critical aclaim, helped widen the audience, to a main stream cinema audience.

DIRECTOR: Tom Hooper, started off as Television director. directed historical drama Elizabeth I, won an emmy. television series. TKS first real breakthrough. directed other biographically film "The Damn United" a look into the life of the coach of Leeds United. MAIN ACTORS: colin firth - a single man, also oscar nominated. Helen Bonham Carter - harry potter series. Geoffery Rush - Pirates of the Carribean.

BUDGET: £8 million. exceeded the budget, been called the most successful british independent film ever, after its success at the Box Office. earned back an estimated 30 million.

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Companies: produced by SEESAW and BEDLAM productions:

SEEsaw is an independent film company, they formed a link with Momentum pictures and Bedlam. The film marketed itself with viral marketing, premering the film at various film festivals to generate critical aclaim, and word of mouth. there were issues with the classficiation given by the BBFC. it was first given a 15 rating, theres a scene where logue ST encourages king to shout limited the audience. hooper comparing films like salt and casion royale having a given a 12A. The British Stammering Association welcomed the release of The King's Speech, congratulating the film-makers on their "realistic depiction of the frustration and the fear of speaking faced by people who stammer on a daily basis". It said that "Colin Firth's portrayal of the King's stammer in particular strikes us as very authentic and accurate.

AWARDS: nominated for 12 oscars. won best picture, best actor, best director and best original screenplay. nominated for 14 BAFTAS. won best oustanding british film, best film, best actor. awards allowed the king's speech to do above the line marketing.


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Technological side.

- TKI used blue screen/CGI. --- The live action in avatar was filmed with a modified version of a digital 3D fusion camera fusion system. the film itsefl was 60 percent CGI and 30 percent live action.  --- capturing actors facial expressions was done with a skull cap worn by actors with a tiny camera in front - transmitted to animation/CGI.

Home entertainment - HD - Sky plus releases - Blu - Ray

Social Networking Sites - Offical Websites - Blogger - Piracy - WEB 2.O - YouTube.

35 mm reels - DSN - Digital Distrubution -

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