Media Forms


What are Media Forms?

Media forms is what constructs a film or television program.

This is done by the use of:

Music- The type of music used can potray the feeling that is being potrayed on the screen. Fro example for a crime drama show, when it comes to the action parts the music wil be upbeat and fast, probably quite loud to build tention.

Dialoug- The dialoug in film and tv shows are often used to show the story behind the charecters and those who are speaking. The choice of dialoug allows peopel to make connections with those in the show/film, and understand the reasons behind the story. Over all the frame of the show.

Sound Effects- Non-diagetic Sound is the sound that has been edited in to teh show/film. This  includes narative, music, soundeffects. Diagetic sounds are the noises that have not been edetitd in, so the natural noise from what is going on in the set. This includes; Speech, If a door opens and if something drops.

Mide-en-Scene- Every thing that appears on the screen. Set, proprs, actors, costume and lighting

Props- In a crime drama the porps are normaly wepons, drugs just to show…


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