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summary of the debates module of psychology b on the aqa course, unit 4

Credit where credit is due: none of this would be possible without my amazing psychology teachers, thank you both so much!

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The word 'psychology' is derived from two Greek words: 'psyche' meaning 'the mind or soul' and 'logos' meaning 'the study of'

Psychology was developed from the area of philosophy which explains why there are a number of philosophical issues present

It was only in 1879 that psychology began to be considered as a science following the setting up of the first psychology laboratory in Leipzig by Wilhelm Wundt

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An Overview

This module will consider the validity of various beliefs and concepts in the area of psychology.

These are referred to as philosophical issues or debates.

The debates will include:

Free Will vs. Determinism

Nature vs. Nurture (Nativism vs. Empiricism)

Holsim vs. Reductionism

Idiographic vs. Nomothetic

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Debates also considers the following questions...

  • Is psychology a science or should it even aspire to be a science?
  • How can psychology be considered alongside physics, biology and chemistry when it does not have a definable subject matter, lacks precision in procedures and is just 'common sense'?
  • If it is a science then it should always be objective, but is objectivity always the best way to study behaviour?
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