Start of Henry VIII's reign


Start of Henry VIII's reign

What legacy did Henry VII leave his son?

Keeping the nobility in check- Henry was determined to restore the power and authority of the crown. 

  • Refusal to create new titles 
  • Control of marriage between noble families
  • Careful use of patronage 
  • Acts of Attainder
  • Financial threats
  • Punishing nobles for retaining 

Securing the throne- United house of York and Lancaster by marrying Elizabeth of York. 

Foreign affairs- Based around creating alliances with France or Spain. Successfully negogiated marriage alliance with Spain.

Stability in England

  • Crown finances risen from £90,000 to £113,000
  • Authority of crown restored
  • Church was strong, unchallenged and loyal
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The accession of Henry VIII to the throne

21st April 1509 Henry VIII King of England 

Henry and the nobility
First action to arrest Empson and Dudley- hated officials in Crown finances, showed ruthless side to Henry VIII. Also gained him popularity quickly.

Married Catherine of Aragon 1509. Papal dispensation for the marriage received but wedding didn't take place straight away. 

Foreign Policy
Henry VIII re-asserting England's traditional claim to the throne of France. Wanted to regain territory- and be King of England and France. 

His personality
Main sporting interest was jousting- established and maintained reputation as a fine athlete.

Ate and drank enourmous quantities on a regular basis. This was typical of the nobility to show wealth. 

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