The Amicable Grant 1525

The Amicable Grant 1525


  • Henry planned invasion in France, when King Francis I was captured.
  • France was weak, Henry needed financial aid to fund the invasion.
  • Demand for a 'willing contribution', not granted as a tax.
  • Tax was imposed by Wolsey.


  • Blunt refusals to pay from Kent, Warwickshire, East Anglia and mainly Suffolk.
  • People met Dukes of Norfolk, and Suffolk for respite of tax demands.
  • Norfolk and Suffolk were impressed and joined the rebellion. Impossible to force people to pay.
  • Plans to invade France were abandoned. and tax was forgotten about.

Overall summary

Henry VIII reign. Duke of Norfolk, Duke of Suffolk (Gentry). 4,000 - 10,000 rebels. Areas around London (Cambridge, Essex, Suffolk, Warwickshire). 525 indicated for unlawful assembly but never proceeded with. 1,000 rebels killed. TAX WAS GENERALLY NOT HARSHLY RESPONDED TO. Henry VIII. Commoners rebellion. 


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