Henry VII's government

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  • Henry VII's government
    • Central Government
      • King's Council
        • 8/200 councillors in inner group of advisors
          • Lord Chancellor
          • Lord Privy Seal
          • Lord Treasurer
        • Smaller committees within King's council
          • The Council Learned in the Law
            • Gentry like landowners, landlords and lawyers appointed
              • Epsom & Dudley
                • Executed by Henry VIII
            • Hated by nobility
    • Regional Government
      • Northern council
        • Earl of Northumberland & Earl of Surrey
        • Administrative and Judicial Powers
          • Protect the Northern borders
        • Council of London
          • Watched to make sure that Earl of Surrey wasn't appointing his own members
      • Welsh Council
        • Henry had welsh connections
          • lost land of marcher lords
            • helped Henry control
      • Irish Council
        • Henry's control was only limited outside of Dublin
          • Had to rely on well known noble families
        • Poynings law
          • No law could pass without Henry's approval
        • Poynings failed to control Ireland
    • Local Government
      • Justices of the Peace
        • Elected every year
        • Uphold law and order
          • Grant Bail
          • Conduct trials
          • Replace suspected Jury
          • Control non-capital trials without a jury
        • Upholded Statutes and Royal proclamations
        • Landowners
          • controlled by Bonds and Recognicanses
        • Relied on local officials to denounce people
        • Nobles
          • Lord Hastings in the North Midlands
    • Parliament
      • Henry VII had the power to summon, dissolve and suspend parliament sessions
      • only held 7 times in Henry's reign
        • 4/7 in the first 10 years of Henry's reign
        • WHY?
          • wanted to avoid war
          • wanted to avoid asking for tax (eg Yorkshire and Cornish rebellion)
          • Acts of Attainder mainly used at the start of his reign
          • The Council Learned was being used alot
      • Enforce Acts of Attainder
      • Used when Henry needed money
      • Protect Henry's dynasty
      • HOL was most powerful house
        • HOC elected by small, rich electorate


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