Sports Participation GCSE Physical Education

Revision for my GCSE PE end of year exam.

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Sports Participation

What does PESSCL stand for, what does Sport England do and what is the Active Kids Program?

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Sports Participation


  • PE and Sport School Club Links.
  • School and clubs work together to increase the participation in sports.

Sport England

  • Start - increase participation in sport to increase the good health in the nation.
  • Stay - use clubs, facilities, coaches + volunteers to keep people in sport.
  • Suceed - acheive sporting sucess at every level.

Active Kids Program

  • Various supermarkets give out vouchers
  • Parents and the public collect them and donate them to schools
  • School can buy sporting equipment with the vouchers.


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Sports Participation

What are the 5 factors that effect participation?

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Sports Participation

  • People - family, peers and rolemodels.
  • Image - fashion and media coverage
  • Cultural - disability, age, race, gender
  • Health and wellbeing - Ilness and healthproblems
  • Socio-economics - cost, status.
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Sports Participation

What are the 5 reasons for taking part in sport?

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Sports Participation

  • Co-operation - team work, working together and team games.
  • Competition - mental challenge and adrenaline.
  • Physical challenge - attempting something seemingly impossible.
  • Aethetic appreciation - seeing the 'beauty' is sport.
  • The development of friends and social mixing - involvement with other people.
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Sports Participation

What are the benefits of sports participation?

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Sports Participation

  • To increase fitness - increase physical fitness and lose weight.
  • The help the individual feel good - serotonin is released, helps people gain confidence and makes people feel better about their looks.
  • To relieve stress and tension - distraction from daily stresses, allow aggression to be released through sport, will reduce muscle tension and help people sleep better.
  • To increase self-esteem and confidence - sense of acheivment, acheiving something difficult, helps people believe in themselves.
  • To improve health - helps people cope with illness better, keep organs in good condition and helps people be less prone to injury.
  • For enjoyment - different people have different ways of enjoying physical activity, some like competition, some like meeting new people and some people like the adrenaline rush of risky activities.
  • For a mental challenge - people gain satisfaction from sucess and is for people who really want to improve their sports.
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