Special Focus Style 2012 - New Wave

Notes on performance styles, instrumentation, popular artists and their contributions, production techniques etc.

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Key Facts

  • Started in late 1970s
  • Emerged as punk lost popularity
  • New York club CBGBs a popular venue for artists
  • Independent record companies
  • Lyrics dealt with social and political themes as well as more conventional pop themes
  • Many British artists could not find success in the USA, though The Police had moderate popularity
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  • Slightly larger ensemble than in punk
  • Vocals (male or female)
  • Backing vocals
  • Percussion
  • Bass
  • Keyboards
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Performance and Arrangement

  • Use of keyboard, percussion and backing vocals gave depth
  • Adopted the DIY ethic of punk
  • Varied stylistic influences including pop, reggae and disco
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Technology and Production

  • More polished than punk, but still aimed to give the raw sound of real musicians
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Artists and Contributions - Blondie

  • Sweet but edgy vocals of Debbie Harry
  • 'Heart of Glass' - disco influence of a drum machine and sequenced synthesizer
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Elvis Costello

  • Took ons tylistic features of reggae and pop
  • Credited as a very clever lyricist
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The Police

  • Lead vocalist Sting enjoyed solo succes in 1980s and 1990s
  • Used a lot of reggae influences
  • Inventive guitar melodies
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