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Special focus- Rock'N'Roll

The term Rock N Roll is applied to many types of rock music. It originally
meant music from the Southern states of the USA during the 1950's.

Vocals, backing vocals, electric guitar, double bass or electric, piano, acoustic
guitar sometimes, harmonica, saxophone, brass.
The ensembles were…

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Some good recording were achieved despite the limitations- mics,
desks, processing and tape recorders were capable of producing
high-quality results
Music was released on vinyl, which has superseded 78rpm. Vinyl had
better quality and much wider frequency production and better
dynamic range.
Slap-back delay was developed for use on vocals…

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branched out into country-blues ballads and gospel-influenced songs but his
popularity declined. He recorded most of his music at sun studios alongside
chuck berry and other influential artists. Rolling stone said `Elvis made Rock n
roll the international language of pop' and was voted the 2nd best English
language singer…

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roll's earliest "bad boys "He Provided one of the most impressive stage shows
in early rock and Had a sense of musical drama unmatched by his peers save
Elvis Presley. His backing band the Blue Caps, particularly lead guitarist Cliff
Gallup, was a major influence on rockabilly and its descendants.…

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Key facts and Terminology
Produced during the 1950's with widespread popularity and
commercial success in the USA and UK
Developed in urban areas of Southern States of the USA e.g. Memphis
A notion of the Pop star with the clothing and ownership of the music
by the…


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This helped me with my musical analysis (of a rock song), thank you!

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