Shoreline Management Plans (SMP'S) and Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM's)

These are cards for the Crowded coast section on the AS Edexcel geography paper all. They are all about Shoreline Management Plans and Integrated coastal zone management.

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Sediment Cells

Sediment Cells - These are lengths of coastline where the movement of sediment is self contained (the same). If the movement is affected then the next sediment cell should not be affected.

Shoreline Management Plans are plans about how the coastline is managed in one sediment cell.


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Why have Shoreline Management Plans?

They are here to:

  • Coordinate activities between coastal authorities
  • Adress the conflicts between coastal activites
  • Make a sustainable defence strategy
  • Make a defency strategy which is compatable with adjacent coastal areas
  • Take into account natural coastal process and humans
  • Encourage cooperation between coastal stakeholders
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The four managment options

Do Nothing-This is where they put no defences in place apart from those for safety. They monitor the situation but allow nature to take its course

Hold the Line-This is where they do put defences, keeping them in the same place so that the land does not retreat any more

Advance the line-Here they move defences further into the sea but this is a very rare decision

Retreat the line/Managed Retreat-They move defences further into the land

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Examples of Management Options

Do nothing-East Barton-Low value of land-Golf Course

Hold the Line-Central Barton-Property but no new developments allowed


Managed retreat-West Barton

-Abbots Hall Farm

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Criteria for management plan

Feasibility- Will the plan be succesful and work? Are you able to follow that management plan there?

Cost effectiveness-Tested by cost benefit analysis

Appropiateness-Is it appropiate for it here? Decided from environmental impact and risk assesments.

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Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM)

This is where they take into account the sustainability of ecomoic and social activity and protecting the coastal environment.

It brings together all of the stakeholders involved and their interests and responsibilies.

It takes into account as the geographical context of a coast been

  • Cliffs
  • Beaches
  • Dunes
  • Marshes
  • Estuaries
  • River Catchments draining into coastal areas

They recognise the importance of sediment cells.

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