Key words and terms for Crowded Coasts

Here are the key words and terms for the crowded coasts section on the AS Edexcel Geography paper.

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Dynamic Equilibrium and Stakeholders

Dynamic equilibrium- This is a balanced state of system when the input and output are equal.

Stakeholders- Individuals, groups or organisations that have an interest in a development or project. They can be involved financially or emotionally

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Coastal Squeeze and land reclamation

Coastal squeeze- It is a process where habitats and natural features which are caught between coastal defences and rising sea levels are lost or drowned

Land reclamation- It is the process where land can be improved or made available for a use.

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Management strategies

Advance the line- This strategy is where the defence is moved further into the sea

Do nothing- This strategy is where nothing is done apart from safety measures

Hold the line- This strategy is where the defence is kept where it is

Retreat the line- This strategy is where in a managed way the movement of the shoreline is inwards.

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Shorline Management Plans and integrated coastal z

Shoreline Management PlansThey are plans based on sediment cells that are meant to coordinate managment plans.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management They are here to establish sustainable levels of economic and social activity while protecting the coastal environment.

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